What are the dark memes?

 Memes. They can often accurately convey what living with mental illness is like in only a few short words and a hilarious visual. While coping with mental illness isn't amusing, a little dark humor might help in times of acute emotional pain.

While some individuals use dark memes to avoid dealing with unresolved sorrow or suffering, they often address themes that we don't talk about openly and may make people feel less alone.

This article combines dark memes and dark humor, as you could have guessed from the title.

Dark Memes 1
Dark Memes 1

Dark Memes 2
Dark Memes 2

Dark Memes 4

If that's no longer your cup of tea, here's a great list of healthy memes to try instead.

If you have a dark side, keep this in mind before you read them: it is possible to laugh at dark jokes while simultaneously being compassionate.

This one is for you if black humor helps you get through difficult times with your mental health:


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